Power Tools File & Attachment Email

Allows emails to be sent from any Standard or Custom object record and include selected attachments or files related to the record. You can also apply any existing email template to your email.

Email Attachments Button

To access the Email with Attachments page, the Lightside Apps Email Attachments button must be setup and on the Page Layout.

Create a custom 'Email Attachments' button

An Email Attachments button is included in the Power Tools package for Accounts, Contacts, Cases and Opportunities and you can add them to the Page Layout(s) of those objects to start email Files and Attachments from those Objects. To use on any other Standard or Custom Object, create a custom button using these instructions:

Access the Email with Attachments Page

  1. Click on the included Email Attachments Button or your custom Button (created via the instructions above) to go to the File and Attachment Email Page.
  2. Button

Email Attachments Page

The Email Attachments Page consists of a number of sections Page Layout

Select Email Template (optional)

Depending how this page has been configured you may have the option to Select an Email Template as per below; or an Email Template may have been set by default upon arriving at this page; or the option to select an Email Template has been removed. Please see the Config Guide for information on how to setup these options.
If the page setup has allowed it, you can add an Email Body and Subject (including merged fields) from an existing Email Template. As the page needs to reload to allow the email body to populate, Selecting a Template will clear all fields other than the Email Subject and Body. Ensure you select the template first if relevant.
  1. Select an Email Folder
  2. Select an Email Template
  3. Click on Apply Template
  4. Apply Template
The page will reload and the Email Subject and Body will be populated:
Email Template

Quick Select: Related Email Recipients

Shows possible email recipients listed on the record that the Email Attachments Page was accessed from. To email any of these recipients:
  1. Tick the checkbox beside the recipient; then
  2. Select either To, Cc or Bcc
    Quick Select Recipients

Add Additional Recipients

Allows you to add either
  1. A Colleague (an Active User),
  2. A Contact (the email from a contact record), or
  3. A specific email address
    Specific Email
  4. Then select either To, Cc or Bcc for each additional recipient
    Additional Recipients

Email Details

If you previously applied an email template then it will be visible here. You can edit the applied template if required.
If no email template was applied then enter the email Subject and Body here.
  1. Add (or edit) the Email Subject
  2. Add (or edit) the Email Body
  3. Optionally choose whether to create an Email Activity against the related record. Note:
    • If the 'Force Activity on Attachment Email' Custom Setting is set to True, the 'Create Activity' Checkbox will be hidden and an Activity will always be created.
    • The Task Recordtype will default to the Users default Task Recordtype unless the 'Email Attachment Task RecordType' Custom Setting has a specific RecordType value entered (and the user has access to that Recordtype specified)
    • See the Power Tools Configuration Guide for help with this Custom Setting.
    Email Details
  4. Select Email Attachments

    You can optionally select which Attachments or Files to attach from the related record.
    Select Email Attachments
    Note: The Attachments will be sent as per your 'Email Attachment Settings' in Salesforce, either:

    Send Email

    Click on the Send button to send your email.

    Identify Activities created via the File and Attachment Email Tool

    There is a custom Power Tools field called Created By Attachment Email (lightsideapps__Created_By_Attachment_Email__c) on Activities that is set to True on all Activities created via the File and Attachment Email Tool. You can use this field initiate other workflow processes as required.

    Compliance BCC Email

    If your Organisation has Compliance BCC Email turned on, then all Bcc options on the page will be disabled