Power Tools Configuration

Lightside Power Tools has a number of options that can be configured by a Salesforce Administrator via the LightsideSettings Custom Setting.

Access the LightsideSettings Custom Setting

  1. Click on Setup
    Go to Setup
  2. Expand Develop
  3. Click on Custom Setting
  4. Beside the 'LightsideSettings' Custom Setting, click on Manage
    Manage the Lightside Custom Setting

Edit the LightsideSettings Custom Setting

The LightsideSettings Custom Setting will have a default data set called StandardLightsideAppSettings that stores configuration options for Lightside Power Tools.
  1. To Edit these settings, Click on Edit beside StandardLightsideAppSettings
    Edit the Custom Setting

StandardLightsideAppSettings Options

Note: The data set name must remain StandardLightsideAppSettings.

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