Power Tools

Lightside Apps Power Tools includes the following:

Enhanced Deployment

Enhanced Deployment enables change sets to be created in a fraction of the time that standard Salesforce change sets require. Once created changesets can then be deployed to one or multiple environments at the same time with each monitored seperately.

Script Library & Tools

Store frequently used Apex scripts and run them anytime or schedule them to run periodically without the need for test classes. Debug logs can be stored against each schedule so that the process can be reviewed at any time.

Code Coverage Charts

Easily view the Code Coverage of your Apex Classes and Triggers, what test classes are contributing to their coverage and how they impact the full Org Code Coverage.

User Management

Disable users on schedule with the ability to automatically update records associated with the user. Create Update packages based on SOQL queries to identify the records that require updating.

Approval Automation

Avoid records getting stuck in approval processes steps by having them automatically approved, rejected or recalled after configured defined periods and criteria.

Group Tasks

Have a task that anyone in a team can complete? Synchronise the Group Task so that any user update is reflected on all tasks. And if the task is closed optionally remove all other synced tasks

File and Attachment Email

Send an email from any record and select which attachments for files to include from the record.